Help Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey has left our Texas coastal cities and Houston along with its surrounding cities in need of assistance. The one question that may be on your mind is: how can I help? is the first national online giving center for credit unions and all contributions go to the National Credit Union Foundation Disaster Relief Fund organized by the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation). Donations received through the Foundation are raised to help fellow credit union employees and members in a disaster area.

The devastation caused by disasters usually creates immediate, emergency needs, followed by long-term recovery needs. Your contribution to the Foundation will help in the following way:

  • Critical Needs:
    Those affected are provided with assistance for daily living items such as, clothing, diapers, temporary shelter, housing, transportation, and food and water.
  • Longer-term Recovery Needs:
    The Foundation, with enough donations received, may be able to provide longer term assistance for victims who are not fully covered by insurance for rebuilding or relocating.
  • Reasonable Operational Needs:
    The Foundation may also be able to provide credit unions and their supporting organizations assistance in order to help them become and remain operational, whether this includes temporarily relocating, hiring temporary staff, and replacing damaged software, hardware and furniture.

Together we can help those who have become victims of Hurricane Harvey. Donate now to CUAid.COOP to start helping.